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zipIts a rough day for the genie who wishes for his wishes to come true. The CEO of Sony has left the company. Sadly, it seems that the Sony PlayStation is already onto its fourth life. The PS3’s official website was updated to reflect the change in leadership of the company. In fact, it now seems the website is no longer affiliated with Sony at all, and is now a Sony image hosting page. In the picture, the “PSN” logo has been replaced with the official PlayStation 4 logo, and the logo for the now defunct PlayStation 2 has been removed as well. Well this sucks. The Sony PlayStation has been one of the most dominant consoles of the past ten years. People still continue to play games on it long after they have been replaced on current generation hardware. Unfortunately, the console seems to be falling out of favour with consumers. Sony has shifted gears recently to focus more on the Playstation TV, and less on the PlayStation 4. Are you sad that the Sony PlayStation is over? What do you think of the new logo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.. All of a sudden I was all alone and…I was scared. So I had no choice but to leave because there was nothing more I could do for him. I left him and I’ve never looked back. I thought I’d feel better if I wrote this down.” She glanced at the desk beside her, still empty. Then she grabbed the only other thing to write on—the silver pitcher. She’d left her fountain pen at home, and had no idea if she had a pen in her room. She reached for the door. As she did, the mirror on the wall in front of her mirror caught her eye. Well, that’s a bit of a problem, she thought as she leaned over to look at herself. There was something wrong with her hair. The frizz was coming in all different directions. She touched a section near her forehead. No, no way…her hand shook slightly. It was a full head of frizz. She slapped her hand against her forehead and the whole mass of frizz jumped. “Oh no!” She pushed her hand against her hair. “No, no way…” The frizz was still coming in all directions. She pressed the back




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Kaspersky Reset Trial V5.1.0.41 Final - [SH] Utorrent

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