Brighten your Thanksgiving table with your favorite dessert! Size start at 1lb heart (3-4 servings), 1.5lb heart (5-6 servings), 7" (8-10 servings), 8" (12-15 servings), 9" (up to 20/22 servings). Decor will be determined by me but you can choose how elaborate you'd like it to be based on the price range (it will feature anything from festive colored glaze, fall chocolate leaves, chocolate turkeys, and hand-painted chocolate Yoxi animal)



1. Pumpkin spice - pumpkin spice mousse, dark chocolate mousse, mandarin creamy, pumpkin sponge and crunchy

2. Carrot mousse cake - mandarin+carrot jelly, carrot spice sponge, caramelized walnuts, and cream cheese mousse

3. Chocolate lovers - dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate caramel creamy, milk chocolate mousse, and chocolate sponge

4. Raspberry pistachio - raspberry creamy, pistachio cream cheese mousse, and pistachio sponge (gluten-free)

5. Apricot Fall - apricot confit, ginger caramel with macademia nuts, mascarpone chestnut mousse, hazelnut sponge

6. Diabella - milk chocolate ganache with whole hazelnuts, hazelnut bavarian mousse, chocolate sponge

Thanksgiving Cake