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From Russia to Seattle with Love and Lots of Sweets

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to be here. Welcome to my newest website where you can easily check out my menu, pricing, social media accounts, and much more. (note: some things are still in development, so bear with me :) )

I've always loved baking as far as I can remember. Whether it was helping my mom with crepes and birthday cakes (mostly by licking off the leftover cream from the mixer but still!), learning traditional Russian family recipes, or googling for something new and tasty to bake on my own.

When I first saw the absolutely amazing mirror-glazed cakes by Pastry Chefs in Europe, I was mesmerized that you can create edible art and make it look so perfect and taste even better. I've started by looking up recipes on YouTube and learning techniques needed to create something as beautiful as I've seen on Instagram pages.

And dare I say, it worked pretty well! It all started with friends ordering cakes for their birthdays after seeing my photos online. But then the word of mouth spread and here I am making dozens of cakes a month for people all over the Greater Seattle area. I keep taking online classes from world-renowned Chefs to build my portfolio and bring more special pastries and sweets to you all here in Seattle. I'll make sure to share some of those experiences here with you.

In my menu, you'll find a variety of flavors that's bound to please any taste buds out there from chocolate lovers to exotic fruits and berries. For those of you who love and miss traditional Russian sweets - you'll be sure to find a childhood favorite within my offerings as well.

Please, don't hesitate to reach out and ask any questions regarding my cakes, how to order, what are the options/pricing, or if you just want to chat about modern pastry arts!

From V With Love :*

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