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Pastry Art & Me

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MEET Pastry Chef Valeria Koulikova

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! Who am I, you wonder, and why should you order a designer cake from me? 

My pastries are my passion and I craft every single one of them with precision, love, and, of course, only premium ingredients and the best chocolate out there - Cacao Barry and Callebaut.  

I've always loved baking and cooking ever since I was about 9 years old but could never get the courage to get into field. When I saw the buzz the modern pastry arts have been creating around the world and tried making some myself - I was in love. I could not take my eyes off the shiny and delectable mirror glaze or those scrumptious bi-color croissants.   

And every time a new mesmerizing design makes itself on a cake for someone special, I feel humbled and grateful for my customers choosing me to create special moments with their loved ones and friends. 

Taught by world-renowned pastry chefs such as Dinara Kasko and Amaury Guichon, I specialize in modern European pastry arts such as mousse cakes with the famous mirror-glaze and velvety chocolate velour, tarts, eclairs, and more! 


Catering & Events


 I'm here to make your celebration unique and unforgettable. I create customized designs especially for you and to your liking. Decorations are endless and I'll do my absolute best to create a cake that will leave you and your guests in awe. Whether it's a birthday, corporate event, anniversary, wedding, or any other special event - From V With Love Cakes will be an elegant delicious addition to the table. 

Want to get a quote for a cake of your dreams for your special occasion? Contact us for a quote for your decor and size requests. 

"A party without a cake is just a meeting,"

Julia Child


The Slice

Creamy and melt-in-your-mouth layers of flavors

Mousse cakes are the hype of today's pastry world but many people are still not familiar with their essence. What's the basic formula for a mousse cake? 

1. Mousse - fluffy and creamy, chocolate or berry  or even wine flavored!

2. Layers of goodness - berry confit, compote, chocolate ganache, cremeux, caramel, and more! 

3. Crunchy layer - you can't have a mousse cake without adding a little something to add a different texture to the desert 

4. Sponge - moist and rich to provide another flavor as well as a good foundation for the dessert